Our Team

Our strength is in our people. The CommFirst International Inc. team is comprised of a diverse group of freight forwarding professionals. Our people come from a variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise. The entire team supports one another through open communication as well as our cross training programs. This is encouraged between departments, stations, as well as globally from country to country.

Michael Blackburn

President and CEO

Born and raised in Montreal, Michael has been in the Freight Forwarding industry since 1988. As a university student, he began working with a national courier company. Over a short period of time, he was promoted to a management position. He continued to work for that company for 11 years, at which point he was recruited by a US based company looking to expand in Canada. After growing that operation to $50 million per year, Michael resigned to start his own business in late 2000.

Derek Abbott

Vice President and COO

Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec Derek has been in the Freight Forwarding industry since 1991. Derek began selling for a large U.S based integrator in the early 90’s. In the late 90’s Michael and the company he was working for, recruited Derek, when they opened an office in Montreal. Derek and Michael have known each other and worked together since 1999. Derek worked for that company for approximately 9 years, at which time he decided to join forces with Michael and partner with him in the start-up in Montreal.