Our Services

At CommFirst International Inc. our mandate is to provide a first-class and flexible service
to meet the varying needs of our global client base.

  • Air Fright

    CommFirst international provides manydifferent Air Freight services. As we know the cost of moving freight in the air is substantial, communication from our standpoint is vital. .

  • Ocean

    As is the case with all of our services, we offer a variety of options under the ocean freight umbrella. By offering an array of services across the board we are able to focus

  • Surface

    Moving Cargo over the road is the principal service level used by consumers and carriers across the logistics industry.Establishing relationships with the strongest Over the Road carriers across the world is critical for this reason.

  • Courier

    The CommFirst small package program has been designed in partnership with FedEx specifically for CommFirst to offer a small package program to our customers.

  • Warehouse and Distribution

    At CommFirst International we use our state of the art Warehouse Management System to provide real-time visibility and transactional data related to your inventory as well as your order activity.

  • Project Cargo

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  • Time Sensitive Cargo

    For those shipments that are time sensitive, we deliver a range of options, each of which can be customized to suit the specific shipment time parameters.

  • Retail

    With our investment in a state of the art inventory system and the presence of some very large retailers, CommFirst international has developed the channels to efficiently and effectively service.

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