CommFirst international provides many different Air Freight services. As we know the cost of moving freight in the air is substantial, communication from our standpoint is vital. We ensure that a minimum of 5 milestones are used as checkpoints for communicating with our customers. Constant and customized updates on the status of your freight will be sent every step of the way.

Transit time is often the reason consumers opt to use air freight services, however at CommFirst we make it a point to ensure everyone involved in the shipping process understands the individual goal of each customer. This allows us to provide the very best service and cost to each customer. Air Freight can be offered in varying degrees of cost, as well as transit times, therefore cost savings can typically be had by providing a deferred Air Freight solution.


Domestic and North American

We offer both standard and customized Air Freight Services based on the needs of our clients. Below is a list of the Air Freight services we provide:

  • Next Flight out (NFO) Cargo is moved on the next available flight.
  • Next Day AM
  • Next Day PM
  • Second Day
  • Time Specific: Designed for the customer based on their need time. (i.e. Next Day by 4 AM, Inside Delivery)


We provide direct and deferred Air Freight Services globally. Our ability to consolidate where possible, as well as our ability to construct creative routings, allows us to provide a quality Air Freight Service while maintaining control of costs.

Our Air Freight Services are offered to and from North America as well as from foreign country to foreign country (point to point).

Communication is our priority. You can rest assured that your freight is in good hands at CommFirst international, and you will know where it is every step of the way.

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