The CommFirst small package program has been designed in partnership with FedEx specifically for CommFirst to offer a small package program to our customers. The customer drive to single source all Supply Chain activities has created the need to offer small package services, auditing, and billing from one source. CommFirst customers who annually spend anywhere between $100K and 10$ million on small package shipping are ideal candidates for this program.



Customers who are currently not engaged directly with FedEx and using the services of the other small package providers are eligible for this program.

  • All Domestic and International FedEx Express and Ground Service products including “Priority”, “Standard Overnight”, “2nd Day”, “Express Saver”, and “Ground” at very competitive rates.
  • Savings by leveraging CommFirst’s purchasing power and volume spend with one of North America`s premier small package providers.
  • State of the art billing and reporting process to ensure near perfect billing every time.
  • Customized invoicing formats.
  • One point of contact for all sales, service, and invoicing questions.
  • Quick and seamless setup.
  • Pickup, tracking, and delivery requirements handled by FedEx.
  • Local FedEx Representation.

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