Over the Road

Moving Cargo over the road is the principal service level used by consumers and carriers across the logistics industry. Establishing relationships with the strongest Over the Road carriers across the world is critical for this reason.

At CommFirst International Inc. we have developed,and continue to expand our extensive network of professional partners. As a Non Asset Based forwarder, supported by company operated fleets at the local level, we have developed an extensive network of providers around the world.

We are able to offer most countries across the world a multitude of intra continental ground services, which include:

  • LTL (Less than Truck Load)
  • FTL (Full Truck Load)
  • White Glove
  • Asset Recovery

We incorporate the use of our Warehouse Management System in conjunction with our ground services to capture asset tag numbers, serial numbers, as well as SKU data to ensure that your assets are tracked from point of pick up, through our network, warehouses, and even to one of our environmentally friendly recycling depots.

Our focus on communication is maintained as key. All shipments are updated regularly, to ensure that you and/or your customers are kept up to date on your shipments location and status.



The CommFirst offering is focused on bringing a broad line of services to customers so that we are able to meet your needs in respect to cost and time by utilizing the correct transportation method.

Intermodal also known as rail service is an excellent alternative to many shipping methods, which often provides substantial savings. Many consumers pass on using intermodal services due to the time constraints associated with it, however Rail services typically only add an extra day or less on to the transit time. At CommFirst International we load our own Rail Cans in our yard and drop them off and receive them at the points they are leaving from and going to. We have control over the freight the entire process.

Intermodal services are often passed on, however they provide an opportunity for a great deal of savings with transit time and anything else minimally changed. Cutting costs where possible are part of every businesses strategy, at CommFirst we can ensure that switching to intermodal services with us will provide cost savings while still providing excellent service and delivering your freight on time.

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