For those shipments that are time sensitive, we deliver a range of options, each of which can be customized to suit the specific shipment time parameters.

We recognize the fact that cargo moving via one of our many time sensitive services, is a costly decision, which is never made lightly. We handle these situations with a great level of urgency and respect.

The costs associated with a “lines down” situation, “equipment failure”, or an “aircraft on ground”, are extensive. We understand that every minute counts. Just as important, we recognize that our status updates are vitally important for your internal communications network.

At CommFirst International Inc., we offer the following options for your time sensitive cargo to, from, and between all points on the globe:

  • Charter
  • Next Flight Out
  • Hand Carry
  • Expedited Drive
  • Exclusive Use Trucking
  • Time Specific Delivery
  • Location Specific Pick Ups/Delivery

All of these services can be tweaked and/or customized to meet your very specific needs. We will handle your cargo like it is our own.

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